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I studied veterinarian medicine in college, worked as a veterinarian technician and ironically became a firefighter/Paramedic. Lover of animals and helping people, I incorporated the two passions and getting the best of both worlds by helping people, that love animals as much as I do.

Animals On The Go is based out of Davie, Florida, we service the entire United States but would like to let you know that if we do not have available drivers in the area of the service time, we would have to offer air transportation and your pet would have to be 8 weeks old and have all its vaccines, also would need to be 25 lbs or less and fit in an airline regulated pet carrier.



Flight Transport

Van Transport

Flight nanny service is available upon request. Pets must be 8 weeks of age, have its vaccines, under 22 pounds and fit in a standard airline carrier.

Guaranteed safety and top professionalism, thirty years driving experience, excellent work ethic, punctual & timely manner, organized well routed travel plan w/updates to customer. Ice cold AC and plenty of toys for the ride, mandatory potty breaks to ensure comfort with NO excuses. Paramedic Certified, animal CPR certified, able to administer medications if needed. Safety, comfort and on time delivery of your animal or animals is #1 PRIORITY! Fully licensed & insured with 24/7 availability, full updates and location of animals being transported.


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    Leave your testimonial about our service.


    Leave your testimonial about our service.

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